Why was the WebService provider dropped?

Dec 30, 2008 at 7:41 PM
I'm looking for a VS project/manifest.xml/wsp.ddf sample for packaging a custom SharePoint web service using the SharePoint Solution framework.  Please send any references you might have.

Also, why was the WebService provider dropped in the latest version of STSDEV?

Michael Herman
Mar 3, 2009 at 9:19 AM
Hi Michael,

i don't know, why it was dropped and i don't know how complete it was (deploying web services to _vti_bin is really a big pile of work), but i am currently running a local version that has it completely (a little like the webservice deployment class - also available on codeplex -, with one big difference: i run it during build right after deployment and not in the feature activation. Maybe the web service deployment class has one big advantage: it can delete the disco and wsdl files on feature deactivation. So maybe that is a thing to add in the future). I'm really working on the latest details and hope to be cleaning up the last stuff these weeks.
It is one of the feature requests i had and decided to resolve, because nobody really answers the calls i made (and nodody answered after i sent a message, i've built these features in stsdev either). So, if you're interested, send me a mail, because i don't think anybody is interested in integrating this functionality in the central version at all.

kind regards,