Multiple Features Per Project

Jul 25, 2008 at 10:41 PM

I'm trying to create a project with the STSDEV tool and I think this is a great tool.  I've run into a couple of issues.

I am trying to install multiple features.  My structure is like so:
MyLayouts (These are all my .css files that are apart of Pages\feature.xml file)  These just need to be copied to this folder.

Question 1: Is STSDEV geared at only having one feature per project?  I have assumed that it is not b/c ver 1.3 creates my manifests file for me no problem for ContentTypes and Pages.  The problem is V 1.3 expects that any folders under "FEATURES" that folders would have a feature.xml file.  So, my PublishingLayouts-->Styles-->MyLayouts files get included in the manifest but also have an auto generated fearture.xml entry at the top.

I have gotten the latest check in changeset 14625 and compiled the code to use the new enhancements for this very issue.  After comiling the code and using it, I've found an issue with it.

When I build my project it assumes that under the Features Folder I have a folder with the same name as my project with a feature.xml right under it. i.e. Features\ProjectName\feature.xml. 

I changed the SolutionConfig.xml to reflect the following items: 

It errors with the above entry b/c Primary is not flagged as true for one of the entries.  When I add "Primary='True'" it runs compiles and builds my manifest.xml and subsequent files. 

ISSUE: It ONLY adds the item marked as Primary to the manifest.xml file????

I've taken a look at the code and may modify it to meet what I need but I would like to get an idea behind what the goal is with the project either only for one feature per project or support multiple features per project.