Problem locating assemly when building with Team build

May 5, 2008 at 8:50 AM
We have a vs2008 solution that, when running a release build, executes stsdev to refresh the ddf. This works just fine in the developer machine but when running on the team build, the compiled assembly of the project cannot be located by STSDEV.

The error occurs in SolutionBuilder.RefreshDeploymentFiles() when setting the TargetPath.
The problem is that when running in team build, the binaries are not stored in the ordinary bin\release location but instead in the binaries\Release folder under the build folder (the source from TFS is located in the Sources folder (sibling to Binaries))
This means that the calculated path from the SolutionBuilder.RefreshDeploymentFiles() don't work with Team build

if (AssemblyDeployment)
// set target path
TargetPath = SolutionDirectory + @"\" +
Globals.DebugTargetPath + @"\" +
SolutionName + ".dll";

Anyone got an Idea for either a work around or an implementation for a solution for the problem?